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NuMed's Covid-19 Response

NuMed has been closely following the situation surrounding COVID-19. We care very much about our staff, medical card patients, adult use customers, as well as their friends and family. We are all following all current Federal and State regulations and have added the following operational standards and recommendations:

 Please stay home unless it is absolutely necessary for you to visit

 Adult Use is now online pre-order ONLY. We are no longer taking any walk-ins for Adult Use


 Starting May 1st you must wear a face covering when entering all NuMed dispensaries

 We strongly recommend all Med Patients pre-order online to speed up the in-store process for everyone

 We are encouraging Med Patients with compromised immune systems to have caregivers come to the store to pick up products for them. To become a caregiver for a Med Patient follow the instructions provided by the IDFPR here

 We are limiting our sales terminals to one customer per sales person at a time

 We are only allowing 5 customers to be in the store at the same time to enforce 6-10 ft. distance protocols at all times

 We have increased cleaning and sanitizing at all our stores to help prevent the spread of all germs

 There are now Plexiglas windows at all of our terminals for the safety of our staff and customers alike

 We have requested that employees who are experiencing cold or flu symptoms or have partners/family/roommates that are feeling sick, to stay home from work

 We are reviewing site setups including looking for ways to increase customer and patient knowledge of online ordering, and other ways to minimize contact and increase social distancing

If you have any questions or feedback please contact us at