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  • If appropriate, a patient advocate will reach out to you directly via phone.
  • Currently, our advocates are able to assist within the state of Illinois, and our locations will serve many counties within the state.

Get an Illinois Medical Cannabis Card

Great News: Most patients can visit our dispensary within 48 hours of completing the application process! 
This is how you apply for an Illinois medical marijuana card:

Step 1

You need to have your doctor, physician assistant, or nurse practitioner sign the written certification form 

certification form link
Step 2

Make copies of two proofs of residency and your drivers’ license

-The proofs of residency must have your name and address on them. They can come from a bank statement or utility bill

Step 3

Get yourself online and create an account through the state’s online application portal 

online application portal link

The fees for applying are $100 for 1 year, $200 for 2 years and $250 for 3 years. Credit or Debit only (no cash!)

Find a Doctor

If you need help finding the right doctor, here is a great resource: Illinois Medical Marijuana Doctors

Heads Up

Before visiting your doctor make sure you are aware of the recently updated list of Qualifying conditions (includes chronic pain & migraines)

Opioid Alternative Pilot Program

If you are an IL resident age 21 or older and have been prescribed and opioid or have a health condition or disease for which you could be prescribed an opioid, you may be eligible.


The fee is only $10 per 90-day period and also allows you to get your card within 24 hours of completing the necessary steps

More Info

Check out this detailed brochure about the Opioid Alternative Pilot Program to find out if you qualify and how to enter the program

OAPP Patient Brochure