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Make NuEra* Your Dispensary

*On June 14th the name of our company will be NuEra. We have already registered this name with the State, so when changing your dispensary to us, you must choose NuEra*

Here are the procedures for changing your dispensary:

Medical Cannabis Patient Program

 Go to the Illinois Medical Cannabis Program website and log in with your User Name and Password. Click “Online Services” in the upper right corner and then select “Change Dispensary” under “Activities”, then click “Start”. Your current dispensary will be displayed with an alphabetical list of all dispensaries to select for the change. Anyone with provisional access will need to print another letter showing the new dispensary.

 If you have never set up an online registration, you will need to do that in order to have a contact with a User Name and Password in the system. Once that is done, a dispensary change can be submitted as above. 

Opioid Alternative Pilot Program

 Patients registered in OAPP can now sign in with their User Name and Password. The current dispensary is listed in the “Patient Information” on the Patient Registration page.

You would need to simply click on the arrow in the dropdown box to see an alphabetical list of all dispensaries. Once one is selected, they will scroll down to the very bottom and click on the “Save” button.