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Highest Quality Medical Cannabis

State-of-the-art, scalable solutions to ensure growth and profitability in the medical marijuana industry.

What We Do

By exclusively licensing in Illinois products of a multi-state network that implements cutting edge methods & technology, NuMed Partners Illinois is uniquely structured for rapid growth.


NuMed will have a unique focus on medical product innovation and will track the therapeutic benefits of those products through working relationships with academic, health care, and other key institutions. Both directly and through its strategic partners, NuMed has assembled a diverse and talented Management Team and Advisory Board with experience in and beyond the fields of agronomy, engineering, medicine, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, and drug or rehabilitation therapy.

How We Do It

NuMed will establish and operate a state of the art production facility for medically focused marijuana infused products integrated into a licensed Illinois cultivation center.

MIP Production

The primary challenge with Medical Marijuana Infused Products (MIPs) is administering doses of CBD that are high enough to generate therapeutic effects without unwanted psychoactive effects of THC. To meet this challenge, NuMed has focused on multiple, targeted delivery systems with the intention of creating a portfolio of intellectual property specific to MIPs.

This process has included (1) developing new and proprietary methods of targeted delivery, and (2) acquiring licensing rights from or forming strategic alliances with medical firms to adapt technologies proven to provide therapeutic benefits in other medical contexts to this unique and rapidly expanding market niche.

The demonstrated benefits of this strategy, in the context of medicines derived from marijuana, include:

  • Reducing the amount of medicine required to achieve therapeutic benefits
  • Limiting the potency of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC)
  • Increasing the efficiency with which medicine is administered and absorbed
  • Decreasing dosing frequency
  • Prolonging the effects of the medicine
  • Reducing side effects

Testing of proprietary delivery systems is currently underway in Arizona and Colorado. Once they are thoroughly vetted, we will distribute a line of products targeting a range of conditions, calibrated to precise dosing levels.

Key Strategic Advantages

  • Strategically Positioned Within Emerging Market with High Growth Rates
  • Highly Attractive Set of Identified Growth Opportunities
  • Firmly Established Relationships with Key Research Universities
  • Attractive Financial Characteristics & Strong Cash Flow Generation
  • Proven Management Team

Our Illinois Dispensary Affiliate

We applaud Illinois’ decision to award our affiliate, NuMed Illinois, three medical marijuana dispensary licenses. NuMed has opened its Urbana and East Peoria locations in Q4 2016, and will open its Chicago location in early 2017.