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E. Peoria Adult Use sales are online reservation ONLY

Due to health and safety concerns we are limiting Adult Use sales to online reservation only. We are allowing only a certain number of pre-orders per half hour. Pre-ordering will begin at 11:00am for reservations times between 1:00pm – 6:00pm. Once your pre-order is confirmed, YOU MUST COME TO THE SHOP WITHIN THE TIME WINDOW THAT YOU SELECTED. When you arrive you must show security your order confirmation text message. We will bring customers in one at a time to finalize transactions. Please bring exact change to speed up your time inside.
Please know that you might have to wait in line with other people who have also pre-ordered during the same pickup reservation window. If you are not able to place an order it probably means that all of the available slots for the day have already been taken. Please try again tomorrow. Thank you for your understanding during this public health crisis.

Order limits for OUT-OF-STATE customers. By law, you cannot order more than 15 grams of Flower, 2.5 grams of Concentrates (including Vape Cartridges) and 250 mg of Edibles or Infused Products.